3D Printed Planters for Father’s Day

Dads deserve great Father’s Day gifts for their hard work year-round. 2021 has been tough for everyone but hopefully, the hardest times have passed us.  With Father’s Day right around the corner here are some great plant gift ideas for your green-thumbed dad.

Oddish Planter with Snap Together Legs

For the dads who are a bit on the goofy side. Oddish Planter with Snap Together Legs by 3DCentralVA

Tower Planter Pot

More for the dads who are into building and construction.
Tower Planter Pot by Qrome

Little Planter

This is a little planter that any dad can enjoy!
Little Planter by Stammchiller

Which planter are you going to be 3d printing for your green-thumbed dad on Father’s Day?

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