Protopasta Joel’s Highfive Blue HTPLA


A gorgeous cerulean color with metallic flecks, perfect for oceanscapes, pure sky, and stunning blue planters. Can be heat treated for higher heat resistance.

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Though many do not realize it, blue is actually the most popular color in the world. There is good reason for this. Many studies show that the color blue actually slows our breathing slightly, calming us. In fact, blue lights were installed at the end of a railway line in Tokyo to reduce suicide rates–and it worked! Blue also stimulates productivity and imparts feelings of dependability and trustworthiness.

Even if you are someone who doesn’t love the color blue, this HTPLA filament is sure to change your mind. It is a beautiful cerulean that contains metallic flecks to make it appear as though it is shimmering. It is truly mesmerizing.

The sparkling blue filament is perfect on its own for any planter you want to make. However, it also makes a breathtaking water scene, as the filament gives the impression of sun glinting off an ocean or lake. Similarly, use it to create a beautiful sun-flecked sky or a majestic tropical bird.

“Highfive Blue” has earned its name for a reason: everyone who sees your creations with this dazzling HTPLA filament will be giving you all kinds of gestures of celebration.


This vibrant blue filament prints just like regular PLA. There are no abrasive fillers to excessively wear out your nozzle. There are also no large particles that will lead to jams.

Heat Treating

This Protopasta HTPLA can be heat treated through baking, which is great news if you need improved heat resistance compared to normal PLA. To heat treat, the manufacturer suggests a temperature of 225°F with convection for the best results.  The heat treating is complete once the print goes from translucent to opaque with reduced gloss.

It is important to realize that when you heat treat, printed parts will get “floppy” before firming up. To keep your planter looking its best, provide supports and bake on a non-radiating surface, like glass or ceramic.

Also, please note that some shrinking may occur if you decide to heat treat this product.

Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 2 in


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Prop 65

This product contains a chemical, Titanium Dioxide, which is known to the State of CA to cause cancer when unbound particles are inhaled.


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