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Protopasta Stardust Translucent HTPLA with Silver Glitter

A beautiful silver glitter filament for any 3D printed projects you want to shine like a star.



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Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 2 in


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This Stardust Translucent HTPLA pairs a slightly translucent filament with silver glitter, giving a starry quality to any 3D printed project. Thicker walls will make the silver glitter color more visible, giving it a beautiful appearance that will sparkle even more when light hits it.


Prints just like regular PLA, with no abrasive fillers to excessively wear out your nozzle and no inordinately sized particles that will lead to jams.

Heat Treating

Can be heat-treated if you need higher temperature resistance; bake in an oven on a non-radiating surface and wait for it to transform from translucent to opaque with reduced gloss for the heat-treating process to occur.

Due to variations in computer monitors, actual colors may vary from what you see on your screen.

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