Protopasta Stardust Translucent HTPLA with Silver Glitter


A beautiful silver glitter filament for any 3D printed projects you want to shine like a star. Can be heat treated for higher heat resistance.

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There is a reason that this HTPLA is called Stardust, and it is not because the makers were David Bowie fans! This Protopasta product pairs a slightly translucent filament with silver glitter. As a result, it really does look like twinkling stars, adding a mesmerizing shimmer to any 3D printed project.

This glossy HTPLA brings a beautiful shine to any creation, but it is especially helpful when making ornaments, disco balls, tools, windows, or toys. Or of course, have the product live up to its name by making a gleaming pile of silver coins or recreating a classic Van Gogh.

One fun variable with this product is that different resolutions/thicknesses will change the look. Thicker walls will make the silver glitter color more visible, giving it a spellbinding appearance that will sparkle even more when light hits it. As a result, top and bottom surfaces often end up with more shine than side walls do.

No matter what, though, this silvery filament will add more bling to your masterpiece!


This silvery and slightly translucent filament prints just like regular PLA. There are no abrasive fillers to excessively wear out your nozzle. There are also no large particles that will lead to jams.

Heat Treating

This Protopasta HTPLA can be heat treated through baking, which is great news if you need improved heat resistance compared to normal PLA. To heat treat, the manufacturer suggests a temperature of 225°F with convection for the best results.  The heat treating is complete once the print goes from translucent to opaque with reduced gloss.

It is important to realize that when you heat treat, printed parts will get “floppy” before firming up. To keep your planter looking its best, provide supports and bake on a non-radiating surface, like glass or ceramic.

Also, please note that some shrinking may occur if you decide to heat treat this product.

Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 2 in


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