Which 3D Printer for Beginners to Buy

If you’re thinking of 3D printing your own planters, you’ll need at minimum a 3D printer and filament. If you’re a beginner, you may not know which brand or type would be best for starting out. Here’s our recommendation on which 3D printer for beginners to buy.

So many printers, but which to choose?

For 3D printing planters, you’ll want something that is proven to print consistently and at a high quality. Brands like Ultimaker and Creality come to mind.

Ultimaker has been in the industry since 2010, but their products are at the higher end of the pricing spectrum and are intended more for professional prototyping.

Creality was founded in 2014, and has created several award-winning 3D printers that are accessible to anyone on a budget. Their Ender 3 is a fantastic starter printer, but we highly recommend the Ender 5 for its stability and modular design.

We’ve purchased the Ender 5 Pro, which has an upgraded mainboard and a better Bowden PTFE tube.

All in all, we recommend the Ender 5 series. The Ender 5 PRO is currently $382, but if you want a larger print bed and have an extra $200, you can get the Ender 5 Plus, which was used recently in this viral video to print a human-size knight’s helmet:

The Ender 5 is under $400 and makes a great option for which 3D printer for beginners to buy.

What if there’s a cheaper printer?

While a cheaper printer may be more attractive to someone beginning in 3D printing and on a budget, a cheaper printer is not ideal for 3D printing pots. For making quality pots where you want the layers to stick together and be sturdy, you’ll want something with the engineering and infrastructure that supports quality additive manufacturing. Being able to upgrade the parts in your printer and maintain it is also important, so buying a 3D printer with documentation, support, and an online community will work out the best.

Buy from proven manufacturers so you get the advice and support you need to have a great experience with 3D printing as a beginner.

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